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The Gouache Files: How to combine Gouache Painting, Pastels and Pencils in nature inspired artwork

In this class Kate shows you how to create a piece of artwork using a combination of gouache, pastels and pencils.

She takes you through a series of exercises, shows you the materials she uses and shares lots of hints and tips to achieve your own amazing picture using this great combination of art materials.

Combine watercolour and gouache

The Gouache Files: How to mix Gouache and Watercolour Painting like a Pro

Join Kate as she show's you how she uses Watercolour to paint a floral arrangement in a vase and gouache to give it a bold graphic background. She shares her tips and ideas for painting with both mediums in her easy to follow relaxed style.

Adventures in Goauche

This is a class on my hints, tips and methods for getting the best out of gouache.

Lots of ideas on how to improve your painting and mark making techniques and a great project to have a go at. Class link 

How to paint like a designer.

A class showing Kate's methods for painting in gouache and how to put a simple bird and flower composition together and paint it out using a black or dark background. Class link

Creativity Experiments: Mixed Media Abstract Painting

In this class I take you on a journey or experimentation using many different mediums including watercolour, acrylic ink, pastels, acrylics and gouache. We explore their different properties and how they work together to make  interesting marks and effects. We also look at what abstract painting is and use our exercises to create some exciting pieces of art work.

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Paint to Print: Digitize a Gouache Floral Design for a Greeting card

In this class I show you process for designing a piece of art work, painting it out in gouache and then using Photoshop to turn it into a suitable design for printing as a greeting card.

I take you step by step through my methods and give you the tools to make your own stunning digitized floral design

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Expressive Gouache Landscapes: Exploring a limited colour palette

In this class we look at mark making techniques with gouache and use them to tackle three different landscapes.

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