A bit of play with pattern and marks using gouache, pastels and coloured pencils.

My latest work has been using a gelli plate with heavy body acrylic paint, hand made paper stencils and foam stamps. Its quite a departure from my normal gouache painting but I've wanted to push myself into using other mediums and experiment with a loser style.

Some experimentation in my sketchbook using gouache to paint out the design first and then some collage to highlite flowers and leaves.

A pile of mono printed papers to use for the collage. These were made by using acrylic paint , a gelli pad, stencils and various mark making tools.

A large finished picture using the same technique and then painting in a background in gouache.

My latest obsession- making scrapbooks of my work and influences. A collation of design off cuts, magazine cuttings, postcards, menus and any other random bits that I've collected over the years, at last they have a home!

Vegan Food Truck commission, Oregon

In my studio

My designs always start as paintings, usually in gouache like these vegetables. 

I was commissioned by a company in Oregon USA to design a root vegetable illustration that could go down the side of their vegan food truck.

I chose a few different veg including turnips, carrots and beetroot, I love painting these sorts of food in my very stylized signature way.

The Finished design

I'm so pleased with the finished design, I think it looks great on the truck, I just wished I lived near enough to sample their food!

Space NK

A commission by the high street beauty retailer for their online magazine. 

I was asked to illustrate six different ingredients used in cosmetics.

I loved the bold colours and patterns that they were after and it was certainly a challenge to illustrate chemicals!

Floral greeting cards

A commission from a company in the US for their range

Logo for a paper flower company called Twig and clay

Gouache painting for M&S homeware range

 Gouache painting 2

The finished products

Article in Homeware magazine.

Flower, bird and butterfly wrap around design for a tin from a Korean company 

Protea flower design for an Australian cosmetic company

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